Tec Nagasawa co ltd.

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President Message

Founded in 1963, Tec Nagasawa co ltd. has continued to supply high quality machined parts for automobiles and construction machines to our valued customers. A recent development is to machine aluminum printing machine parts with the introduction of MB-10000H of Okuma with travels of 1,400 x 1,250 x 1,250 mm.  For global expansion, we established a tradingarm, Suzhou Nagasawa Trading Company in China.

Our aim is to form a reliable high technology team based on the 50 years of accumulated machining know-how to meet the customer requirements. Our motto is reliable quality, assured delivery, and fair price.

Our strength is in machining die cast products and aluminum parts, ranging from proto type production to large quantity production. We encourage young employees to pass the state certified examinations for machining technicians and other examinations for further and continuous provement in their skills. The technicians are our real assets.  In addition as a family business enterprise, we would like to assure you our responsive solutions to your needs.

Tomonobu Nagasawa


1963   Nobuji Nagasawa(grandfather of the President)  founds his own machining business in Kashiwazaki city
1973   Moved to the new factory at Tazuka, Kashiwazaki
1979   Expansion of the Tazuka Factory
1983   Nobuhiro Nagasawa(father of the President) becomes President
1991   The company name is changed to Tec Nagasawa co ltd.
2010   Moved the new factory at Fujii, Kashiwazaki


Head office & factory : Fujii 1358-4, Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata Prefecture 945-0114, Japan
            Tel: 0257-24-1125     Fax: 0257-24-1128
Kanto Sales Office : Dai 2 Ueno building 504, Sinyokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture 222-0033
           Tel: 045-5946658     Fax: 045-594-6659
Kansai Sales Office: Tukamototoori 8-1-23-201, Hyogo-ku, Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture 652-0804
Subsidiary :  Suzhou Nagasawa Trading Company, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China
       (export and import of parts for production equipments, automobile, and hydraulic equipments)
       Established September 1, 2014
E-mail : nagasawa@tec-naga.com
President: Tomonobu Nagasawa
Paidup capital : 20 million yen
Banks: Hokuetsu Bank, Daishi Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank
Major Customers: Riken Corporation and its subsidiaries,Showadenko, Nishiyama Trading company, Morikawa Sangyo
Number of employees :100

Line of business:

  1. Mass machining of various type parts for automobiles, oil hydraulic equipments, printing machines, semiconductor making equipments, and other machines>
  2. Minimum lot machining (from 1 piece) for various valves, auto-parts machining machine parts, machine and inspection tools, prototype of auto-parts, trial piece, other machine parts

Factory Pictures
#1 machining center           #2 general purpose lathe

        #3 numerically controlled lathe